CNC Teknolojileri


( Setup sheet
( Machine: “MTS M-LC R3 T16 VDI30”
( Control: “FANUC 21i-T Code-A”
( Workpiece
( Cylinder: L82 DA80
( Material: “N\Aluminium\AlMg1”
( Workpiece clamping
( Clamping device: “DIN55028 A8\Lathe Chuck\KSF160-3AsB”
( Clamping device attachment: “AsB30V1.5×60\Step jaw\HB3-B30xL38_20_10xH56_28_14”
( Type of chuck: External chuck outside step jaw
( Chucking depth: ET20
( Tailstock
( Tailstock center: “MK4\Tailstock Center\KSMK4-60-30-25_44”
( Tool system
( Tool list
( T01: “VDI30A\Corner Tool Left\CCMT 120408_SCLCL 2020 H 12_B1-30 2022”
( T03: “VDI30A\Corner Tool Left\DCMT 11T308_SDJCL 2020 H 11_B1-30 2022”
( T05: “VDI30A\Corner Tool Left\DCMT 11T304_SDJCL 2020 H 11_B1-30 2022”
( Active tool: T01
( Tool offset list
( T01 TC1: TT0610 KR000.800 KZ+047.000 Q3 KX71 QZ-0.8 QX-0.8 SL12.054 Ap80 Kr95 CD-5
( T03 TC1: TT0610 KR000.800 KZ+047.000 Q3 KX67 QZ-0.8 QX-0.8 SL10.785 Ap55 Kr93 CD-5
( T05 TC1: TT0610 KR000.400 KZ+047.000 Q3 KX67 QZ-0.4 QX-0.4 SL11.185 Ap55 Kr93 CD-5
( Zero register
( Zero point G54: Z206 X0 NT13
( Right side of the workpiece: Z208
( Setup sheet end
N10 T0101
N15 G50 S2500
N20 G96 S180 M04 F0.2
N25 G00 X84 Z0 M08
N30 G01 X-1.6
N35 G00 X100 Z100 M09
N40 T0303
N45 G96 S180 M04 F0.2
N50 G00 X80 Z2 M08
N55 G71 U2 R1
N60 G71 P65 Q125 U1 W0.1 F0.2
N65 G42 G00 X30 Z2
N70 G01 X30 Z0
N75 G01 X42 Z-7
N80 G01 X26.1 Z-21.9
N85 G01 X42 Z-30
N90 G01 X56 Z-30
N95 G01 X56 Z-37
N100 G01 X50 Z-43
N105 G01 X50 Z-47
N110 G01 X60 Z-47
N115 G01 X72 Z-58
N120 G01 X84 Z-58
N125 G40
N130 G00 X100 Z100 M09
N135 T0505
N140 G96 S250 M04 F0.1
N145 G00 X80 Z2 M08
N150 G70 P65 Q125
N155 G00 X100 Z100 M09
N160 M30